We can speak life into our partner, brothers and even fathers.

“Good afternoon Sir, sorry to disturb, how comes we have a police officer in this building?” Raphaela asked the police officer. ” Last night, a gentleman jumped from the roof over there and committed suicide. ” “ok my partner told me about the police officers yesterday, but I was too tired to come to have a look. Was he roughly in my age sir?” replied Raphaela. “Yes, he was. Sadly he jumped, and we couldn’t save him, ” the police officer replied with his voice lower.

I can’t believe how someone can do that.

“I can’t believe how someone can do that. His life should be more important than death. Why did he not ask for support or help or talk to someone close to him? I can’t understand him, but he must have been in a terrible situation that he couldn’t find out a solution to solve it? ” Raphaela says and looking down to the pavement where his body landed and covered with a Tent. ” Unfortunately we all can’t answer those question. We are dealing with those type of cases frequently and the only thing we can do is just show our respect to the person and their family. We have tried our best to stop him, but he still went ahead and jumped.” the police officer answer back.

…. as a Man we have too many responsibility and small support…

” I believe that the Gentleman had his reason for taking his life. Like a Man, we have too many responsibilities and small support. So there will be a point that we can’t find a solution, but ending our Life. I personally believe there is a solution to every problem, but some of our Brothers don’t feel or see it, ” the Police officer added to the conversation. Raphaela agrees with him and said her goodbye and went to her Flat.

…..what does it mean to be a Man…

Sadly, the statistic shows that the majority of suicide are Male. Even though we have many charities and support system in place, for most of them is the pride that stop it. Because since birth they have been educated to be the breadwinner, not to cry and not to speak out. The society has no time to uplift Men or Train them to be stronger to achieve their goals and dreams. In real language, they are outcast from society. They have been educated of being hard like stone.

…. the reasons for suicide is…

There are three major reasons that cause men to kill themself. The first one is Men have been taught from childhood not to cry and show their emotions. Till to this day, we are rarely seeing Men cry, but in fact, 80% of suicides have been proven that Men are crying behind a closed door.

The second reason is speaking out. Men do not speak much, only if it is necessary. We, as Women on the other hand, could speak for hours. Men are trained from birth to buckle up and keep moving and don’t act like looser. But in real they need to speak out and not store it. We need to encourage them to speak out their feelings and allow them to cry if it is needed. With that depression and other illness develop.

Financial difficulties….

The last is financial difficulties. Financial difficulties should be on the top of a Leader board. All Men know what they need to do to create a stable home, and raise their family. But through research a procentage of black Men are mainly in prison or out in the street as of lack of education or opportunity to become what they want to be. Sadly as well, the government has strict policy and guidelines of who to support and sadly Male figures are falling short.

…. We need to step up as Women……


As women we got more power and influence in men then we actually experience. We can speak life into our partner, brothers and even fathers. We just need to be gentle and consistent with our approach to lift them up. Men are doing mistakes and might hurt us, but sometimes we can approach incidents in a different way to change their behaviour and thinking.

Of course the last option is leaving them…

Of course the last option is leaving them. I have spoken to long lasting relationships and all have the same answers. ” With patient, Love and different angles of approach a relationship can always work.”

Let’s try it. Let’s lift them up with encouragement and love, from young age till the end.

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