What a wonderful world

She is standing at the station entrance trying to resist (keep out of) the cold. The ears are covered with headphones that’s designed to cut down outside noise and protect her from the cold.  She lifts her head several times from her mobile phone to make sure she doesn’t miss her boyfriend.

In a moment of waiting, she lifts her head and her eyes, follow the coming out of the train station while listening to Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’ through her headphone. She felt like she was watching a movie where she’s the main character.

Girl with blue headphones listening to Music with the script below
from Louis Armstrong Song “What a Wonderful World”

For 3 minutes the world stood still for her, and she wondered to herself “How does everyone else see this world?” She was still standing there following the crowd when a friend of hers who she hadn’t seen for 6 years accidentally bumped into her then realising who she is, greeted her with a quick hug, complimenting her look. She was speechless and blushed of the compliment, while still trying to process what happened 5 minutes earlier.

In her head, she wonders if she should ask her friend or wait for her boyfriend? The question pops out of her mouth. Her friend may be in his late 20s answered to her “I see the world as the way I want to create it. I know it is sometimes difficult, but I am trying my best to enjoy every moment.”

After a quick goodbye hug, he leaves. The Girl thought about his answer and smiled as she too sees it the same way, it assured her that the song reflects on people who take the World in their own hand and create a beautiful story out of it.

This is how the late Louis Armstrong described the World, the way he saw it with his own eyes and imagination. The lyrics of the song describes not only the flowers or the greetings, but how we should see this world with our own eyes.

In 2014 I met a young Lady who had Cancer, I liked her beautiful smile, she always showed when we met. This young lady was full of life, and I only knew of her cancer, when one of my friends told me. Not once when she was alive, did she show any weakness, she lived her life as if she doesn’t have it. Sadly, she passed away in 2017.

Mariana and the Mayor of Croydon on her event Reachout2all at the Town Centre Hall in Croydon

This reminded me about creating your life the way you want it.  This world has changed, but we still can adjust it the way we would like to have it by not focusing on the negative views that display on the TV or around us. Mariana (founder of B-Royal and Reachout2all), said “I give thanks to God of showing me that everything is possible in life, we must have faith and go after it, instead of just sitting down and talking about it. I wrote my plan in the hospital bed and was determined to create this business to help the youth and be creative.” Imagine a young lady like her who spend a year in the hospital because of an allergic reaction of an eye drop (that almost killed her and made her skin look as it had been burned). She is now not only running events but also encouraging people around her not give up and put trust in GOD.

Think about your plan and act now. Create your Life how you want it, if those two young ladies were able to do it, why not you and I?