Don’t count the days, make the days count.” Muhammad Ali

“James, you always say you will be the next fastest runner in history, come on I am tired of hearing this nonsense, “Patricia says to her friend while rolling her eyes at him.

“Babes I will be, mark my words, why do you think we do not have a lot of time? I am practising with my coach every day to reach there soon.” James answers her back and continues eating his high protein dinner. 

Patricia goes to the window seal, “James it can’t go like this we are now together for 4 years, and nothing has happened, no engagement, no babies. How long do I have to wait to get all this? All my friends are married and have children. I feel you have forgotten how old I am, and my clock is ticking”. 

“Patricia you are just 25 years of age, I know people who gave birth to children at the age of 30. You need to be patient with me, I will get there soon. Stay with me, we will have a lot of money soon and can decide to have 6-8 children. I can take them to the best schools here in London. “I want the best for my children and family, I want my Kids to be proud of me. “James smashed the Plate in the Sink and goes to his room. Patricia started to cry and made up her mind is time to leave the relationship.

A couple is arguing

The next day, James goes for his training and because of the breakup he has not able to concentrate on his speed and performance. His coached calls him and sits down with him to ask him what the matter is? Why he is so slow? James started explaining, trying to hold his tears, then his coach said something to him to cheer him up “James, if someone can’t see your vision and walk with you step by step, it means even if you make her your life partner she will not be able to see the vision with you. So, you’ve got a choice, either you allow her to drag you down and you don’t become the greatest, or you walk alone and make the days count till the big day. It’s your choice. Go home and think about it, today we are not training.”

James went to have a shower and went home. In the evening Patricia tried to call him to say sorry for being harsh with him and that she wanted to work things out with him. James gave her a second chance, but as the month continued there was no change to her behaviour, it got worse as she still trying to force him to reconsider having babies and getting married. James made his decision and ended the relationship with Patricia, deleting everything about her to concentrate on his career to become the fastest runner in England. As he trained, he became better and better and even though it took him 6 years from university he made it.

This story reflects on the Quote by Mohamed Ali, he too had many ups and downs to become the greatest boxer that ever lived. But training every day he became the greatest, the challenges did not stop him in believing in his ability, and training made each day count.

We need to start seeing each day as a special day and make something out of it. This world is already hard and sometimes cold with negative sources. I live my life the way I want it to be. That means I am careful of what I watch, read and listen to. Also, what I am doing each day to make it great.

Each day I wake up I find a new reason why I am happy and grateful for what I have. This is what the world calls gratitude. I want you to read this quote over and over again and start taking control of your life. Start it with you and finish it with you. No matter if you have a family to look after or a business. Start with your heart,  happiness and set a goal each day to help you get closer to your dream because I am telling you, if you are not happy, your partner will not be, your children will not be, your friends will not be, and everyone around you too will not be satisfied. We have an aura that we control with our inner us.