” Character is power.” — Booker T. Washington

“Here we go again; she will start shouting soon and blaming everyone for something. Why is she actually a Manager?” This is what Natalie was thinking when she saw her manager walking into the reception. “Good Morning, Natalie do you have something for us regards what happened last night? “Natalie starts reporting back regarding an incident with a tenant how it quickly escalated. She assured the manager that she had calmed the situation and the resident apologised. Of course, the manager was not happy about it and started shouting while she is headed to her office. During the day Natalie’s colleagues were verbally attacked for doing different tasks wrong or insulted about their work ethic. Natalie wasn’t pleased about it and always compared this manager with another manager that worked in another building of the company.

A Melanin Lady siting in front of her Laptop at the Desk with a mobile phone in her Hand making a call.

A lot of her colleagues agreed with her that both managers while having the exact same job title, had different approaches, one was more loved by their staff than the other. In the evening when Natalie was ready to leave work, the manager started accusing her of misplacing the form for the keys, but Natalie just ignored her and left the building without answering any questions. The next day the manager came in and asked her again regards the forms in an aggressive tone. Natalie went into a small room and pulled the form from a cabinet and placed it on top of the reception table then said with a loud voice “here it is and never ever talk to me like that again.”

Why do you think I gave an example of this manager that Natalie doesn’t like? Yes, it’s because of her character that Natalie doesn’t like her, It is all because of the way the Manager behaviour towards her that made Natalie dislike her.

We need to understand that our character is what leads the days of our lives. If we are negative in thoughts and character, we are drawing negativity to ourselves.  Work on your character if you want to see changes, do something different in a positive way.