I know why the caged birds sing” Maya Angelou

We all are in a cage, and we all sing in different ways throughout the day. I am a Bird that has tried to find solutions to get out of my cage. Till now I am waiting for that moment when the gate opens, and I can fly out and see more of life.

What do you understand by the word cage? Imagine the cage as we have in our house where we place our  Birds in, we feed it, play with it whenever we feel like.  We are the Birds in that Cage, and our Life is like is the cage, and is only maybe a handful of people who are actually waiting for that opportunity to escape and be free. Free from a 9-5 job, free of living with parents, free from paying debts etc.

Siting at the desk during a phone call only to find out the hard work was for nothing

We are living in a world that has been created like a cage, we have too many rules and regulations led by a government that actually doesn’t really care about the individual. They only care for themselves, and they are singing louder than us. Yes, they do sing louder than us, and we are following them step by step waiting for a miracle to come. Most politicians have sung so loud that you believed them and voted for them, but deep inside they are actually were singing the song of manipulation.

But every song has an end, it might take a year, a day, an hour, minutes or even a second. You are the only one that can choose how long you are singing and which melody you want to create or like.

When we are ready to think about our own passion we are position ourselves in a much different way

I have created a new melody, not only to make me feel free and follow my passion but to love the Life I am living.  The cage I am in at the moment has been created with iron and is hard to break with my bare hands, but with my love and care it’s slowly melting in the fire of hope.

My song can be heard in your imagination and your heart. Just open it and let it finds its way to warm you and inspire you to sing your own song.

Show your own Music, Dance, Business, Product, Design and Style. That means dance over and over until you have mastered it, draw and draw over and over again until the picture is complete. The list goes on and on.

As you go out this week follow your own music and show everyone how unique you are.