I don’t want any drummer. I set the tempo-Bessie Smith.

I don’t want any drummer. I set the tempo-Bessie Smith.

Youtube: Romeo Larmond

Tobias sat down and looked at his book, “I have to read all this by next week if I want to pass the exam to be a musician.” Everything was too much for him, and he started, slamming each book on the floor. “What happened why are you making so much noise, Tobias?” his dad asked him, as he passed his room door.

“Dad, I’ve got a deadline for next week, and I have to read all this,” replied Tobias in a sad, quiet voice. “Come on its just two books. You will make it. Believe me, when I was…..” “Please, Dad, I don’t need that now. I just want to get this done and forget about it.”

“Why did I even choose this stupid Course?”

….. play the drums, why……….

“I can play the drums, why do I need qualifications for it. It’s just absolutely stupid and just a way of punishing us,” Tobias jumps in to get his dad to stop talking.

“First of all, Tobias, I know what you say, but everything has a reason. We all can be something easy and simple, but if you want to be the best you need to learn more and prove to the world that you are not just a dummy beating the drum or playing the piano, no, you need to prove that you have the skills in your hands and your brain.”

………his father gives him a kiss on his forehead..

With that, his Father kisses him on his forehead and goes downstairs. Tobias sat down and was about to write his first word when his phone rang. “Yes Hello, yeah bro what’s up? Nah man is just chilling and starting to revise for next week’s exam. When do you want to meet up? No, I can’t make it, I need to revise it’s my only chance to get accepted University I told you about.” Suddenly Tobias held his phone away from his ears, to reduce the shouting at the other end of the phone. “Sam, man chill, I need to pass this, we can do it after the exam. “Ok, you know what? Leave it, talk to you when you are more chilled.” He dropped the phone and continues reading his book

…… I identify as our Tempo…..

Is this not what we sometimes have to go through when we want to be successful or do something for ourselves? I identify this as our Tempo. To illustrate what I am talking about, I would like to talk about Matthew Romeo Larmond. He is a young man that had a Dream and a Vision to become an Artist. Since over five years, I have followed his ups and downs and must say, he amazes me every single time. He controls his rhythms for the drums. Since 2013 I have followed him through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and capturing events with my Canon 7D. All these years, he has not stopped the Tempo. From being in a Boy Band up to becoming an actor, he never stopped.

…..he had a vision…….

Matthew did make choices of who he allowed in his close circle and what is essential in his Life. We can’t allow every time someone to create our own Life pattern or better to lead it for us.

Another point to be added to this article is that I am in the same boat as many people of colour. Weak and not motivated, if I am honest with you. I have tried to set this business up, but anyone I talk to about it, laugh or say it’s racist. A few years ago, one lady told me.

…. our own type of music….

“We all have our own type of music, but if we don’t practice different tones, how will we find our own rhythm? Start singing each Note one by one no matter how it sounds until you make music” She was right now I play one note after the other, just to be what I want to be.


Start playing your own notes one by one; I can assure you; it soon leads to success.